Ava Senaratne
Ava is a strategic Art Director from Sydney. For the last 12 years, she has created successful concepts for brands like Apple, Bank Australia and UTS. Ava is passionate about purposeful ideas and thought-provoking design. This is something she explores through TCK TOWN, a magazine which she runs to promote cultural diversity. 
Project Name: Newdrop | Website: avasfolio.com | Instagram: @avasenaratne
Holly Tyrrell
Holly recently started her journey as a graphic designer at Shillington after spending her twenties uncertain about which career to choose. After many adventures, Holly was given the opportunity to work in the fashion industry, working in sales and production. But as she settled into a new career, the realisation dawned on her that what she actually wanted to do was follow a creative path. The time was right to follow her eye for design. 
As a designer Holly is eager to absorb, learn and fine tune her skills. She surrounds herself with colour, humour and like-minded, passionate people, all of which translates into her designs. 
Project Name: Kindlife Movement | Website: hollytyrrell.com| Instagram: @hollytyrrell_
Jarra Vreman-Naughton
Jarra Vreman-Naughton is a graphic designer who is eager to continuously learn and craft her skills. Jarra produces not only aesthetically pleasing work but significant pieces of communication design. Outside of design Jarra loves turtle necks, pink doughnuts, and is a massive advocate for pineapple on pizza.
Project Name: Polyphonic | Website: jarranaughton.com| Instagram: @jarranaughton
Kyra Kirwin 
Imbued with a love for photography from an early age and how visuals can evoke feelings and emotions, Kyra loves using design and storytelling to communicate a clear strategy that combines a deeper meaning with timeless aesthetics. She is a detail-oriented individual and a strong believer in collaboration with like-minded creatives. Kyra is continuously developing her style which is gentle and delicate, with natural and soft undertones.
Project Name: The Brave | Website: kyra-kirwin.com| Instagram: @kyra.kirwin
Lisa Davis
Lisa has been working in nursing for many years but her love for design lead her to pursue a creative career. She started with a love of editing on Photoshop, a practice which she developed in her spare time. Initially she was colouring in manga panels and putting together graphics. She found the process of creating something really enjoyable and she realised that she wanted to be a graphic designer. Tackling packaging and branding briefs is what Lisa loves the most. She loves reading and creating brand stories and being amazed by different packaging designs. 
Project Name: MILKY | Website: lisadavis.design | Instagram: @lisadavis_design
Sarah Silva
Sarah is a Graphic Designer living in Sydney who recently graduated from Shillington College. She previously worked as a Java Developer but always wanted to pursue her passion for arts and design. Alongside her design work, Sarah loves watercolour painting, Crossfit and tea.
Project Name: Bristol City Branding | Website: sarahmsilva.com | Instagram: @sarahsilva.design
Sonja Henning-Smith 
Sonja is a Sydney-based graphic designer, who’s also currently completing a degree in biomedical engineering and neuroscience at Sydney University. Her life is fuelled by too much coffee, an obsession with the colour yellow and a burning curiosity for all things abstract. Sonja loves ambitious designs and is inspired everyday by the boldness of those who use design, science and technology to find a new meaning and understanding.
“The builders say we dream too much, and the dreamers—that we are too fast to build.”
Neri Oxman
Project Name: Kick The Moon | Website: sonjahenningsmith.com | Instagram: @sonja_henningsmith
Suzainne Delos Reyes
Suzainne is a young designer who jumped straight from graduating high school in 2019 into studying at Shillington. She started experimenting with photography and videography at the age of 17. She enrolled in Shillington to follow her passion for design, film production and the arts. As a graphic designer, Suzainne has the full potential to conquer new changes in the design world and is eager to learn new skills.
On top of being a skilled designer, Suzainne speaks two languages, English and Tagalog. Additionally, she is amazed and inspired by Korean culture and music and considers herself to be a passionate foodie. In her free time, Suzainne also loves to read anime comics, biographies and watching documentaries. 
Project Name: Red Moon | Website: suzainnedesign.com | Instagram: @suzainne.design
Theresa Huber
Theresa is an inquiring junior graphic designer. As a German she obviously loves pretzels, beer and when everything has its order. Yet her designs are not always too serious.
Project Name: Damn Ruth | Website: theresahuber.com | Instagram: @theresahuberdesign

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