Breahna Gibbons 
Bree is a self-described modern-day hippie chick with a knack for design, who retired her big blue van for a box in Melbourne city. Hailing from the land of the “y’alls” (alright, alright, alright), in a past life marketing was Bree’s day to day with a sprinkle of design. She is inspired by the offbeat and driven by the power of nap. Let’s get designing.
Project Name: New Self Order | Website: | Instagram: @breahnagibbons
Charlee-Anne Ah Chee
Charlee-Anne is a graphic designer located in Alice Springs, Australia. She has over ten years experience in Business Administration and is new to graphic design. Charlee-Anne is excited to put into practice all the fresh skills she developed at Shillington out in the wild. She is always up for a chat, so drop her a message and say hello.
Project Name: Witches Brew | Website:| Instagram: @charleeanneahchee
Elise Tremul
Elise is a Japanese-Australian illustrator, registered nurse, and newly turned graphic designer. After completing an undergraduate degree in science and a masters in nursing science, she decided to pursue her passion and dive into the creative field. Currently based in Melbourne, she loves exploring themes of identity and culture through her work.
Project Name: New Orleans City Branding | Website: | Instagram: @eliseyumiko
Heidi Elise
Heidi Elise is a graphic designer and illustrator based on the Surf Coast, Australia. Heidi gathers inspiration from her surrounds, incorporating her love of the landscape into her work. Well travelled, she is able to draw on her diverse design and illustrative skills to create unique client solutions.
Project Name: Cold Mountain | Website: 
Holland McKoy
Holland McKoy is a graphic designer currently based in South Carolina. Holland has spent her entire life dabbling in art, enthralled with finding beauty in the ordinary. As a graduate of Shillington, she is excited to continue to develop her skills through work, personal projects and new experiences. 
Project Name: Brass Tack | Website:
Jim Idanan
Jim is a designer and illustrator from Manila. His interests in Japanese design and travel often influence his work, particularly in branding and illustration. He believes that story telling and attention to detail are good assets in effective design. 
Before Shillington, he was mostly self-taught and worked in publishing for several years. He is currently a freelance illustrator where he has contributed to brands such as Esquire, Entrepreneur, and TopGear. During his free time, he likes to work on personal projects, binge-watch Korean dramas, and possibly hoard pins on Pinterest.
Project Name: Cherub Drop | Website:| Instagram: @studiojeremiah
Max Sigtermans
Max is a Dutch creative currently living in Melbourne, Australia, with a background in business & UX design. After work experiences in account management at several creative agencies, Max was curious to learn more about the design component of branding and identity design. 
Throughout his life, Max has always loved collaborating with people in the problem-solving process and together uncovering the solution. For Max, the last three months at Shillington, have instilled a sense of confidence in his work and proven his ability to tackle any creative challenge, whatever that might be.
Project Name: Compound | Website:
Penelope Atkinson 
Call her Penny, or Pen, Penpen, P—whatever your heart should desire. Based in Berlin and originally from the UK, Penny is into all things music, fashion and massacring the odd song on her e-guitar—if you’re very lucky. Now a newly fledged Graphic Designer, her background in Mathematics and Data Science couldn’t be a more different point of reference, but she likes to think those hardcore problem-solving skills translate perfectly. Penny enjoys experimenting in her designs with a mixture of contemporary and pop-culture references, whilst adding a subtle twist of her unique humour.
Project Name: Trash | Website:  | Instagram: @_penelopeatkinson_
Ping Ni
Ping is a newly minted graphic designer based in Washington, DC. She has a background in economics, marketing and product development, which never did seem to do any good.
After discovering Shillington, Ping was thrilled to apply her love of problem-solving to creative applications. This portfolio is the result of three months of immersive learning and a hopeful glimpse into what’s to come. 
Project Name: The Cure for Modern Life | Website:  | Instagram:
Juan Tan
Juan is a Melbourne man about town. Design and all its forms have surrounded Juan his whole life. As a result, he has always noticed what had been beautifully done, as well as not-so-beautifully done. He wanted to get involved in that process, so he did. Tying his experiences from various industries together—both overseas and domestically—Juan is now slinging together designs on Adobe for your pleasure (and his).
Project Name: Fruity | Website: | Instagram: @jtan_space
Tamzin Cheyne
Tamzin Cheyne is a budding Graphic Designer, and recovering teacher. Having spent several years in the education sector, followed by time living as a world nomad, Tamzin decided to follow her passion and pursue graphic design. She has always loved all things creative, whether it be hands on, or digital. She loves the process of taking a project from start to finish. Tamzin is so excited to dip her toes into the world of design and looks forward to continuing to grow as a Graphic Designer.
Project Name: Nordik | Website: | Instagram: @tamzincheyne
Tarek Nagy
Tarek is a Toronto-based Graphic Designer currently living in Melbourne. He has a background in Art History and Philosophy. Before Shillington, Tarek worked in a leadership role in product management.
Project Name: Chops | Website: | Instagram: @no_tarek
Vivienne Au
Vivienne, also known as Vivy, is based in Melbourne with a background in Business and Marketing. Vivienne first discovered her love for design at the age of eight thanks to The Sims. Over the years she has come to appreciate the difference that a good design can make for a business in connecting people with products and services. She feels that thanks to Shillington, she is now equipped with the skills which she will build upon throughout her career, alongside her new found interest in UI/UX design, branding and packaging.
Project Name: Garden World | Website: | Instagram: @vivydesigns
Ximena Jiménez
Ximena Jiménez, otherwise known as Kiki is from the desert coast of Lima, Perú. She is currently based in Melbourne. In 2018 Ximena graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Design at USIL, in Lima, Perú. Since then she has studied, created and lived between Thailand, Germany and Perú. A stroke of serendipity brought her to graphic design and she hasn't looked back.
Project Name: Fiesta in the Square | Website: | Instagram: @designwithkiki
Yi Zhao
Yi Zhao is a Melbourne based graphic designer, illustrator and painter. She has a passion for drawing and artistic pursuits of all kinds. She is a new graduate of Shillington, where she improved her critical thinking in design and applied them into brand identities, packaging, advertising campaigns and digital products. 
Project Name: Retrieve | Website: | Instagram: @yizhaodesign
Zeldene Peat
Zeldene Peat has always had a passion for all things creative. After completing her Bachelor in Creative and Interactive Media in 2019, her passion for design has only blossomed. With further studies at Shillington, Zeldene has continued to broaden her horizons and become the graphic designer she is today. At the moment Zeldene considers herself to be a bit of a nomad, moving between the Gold Coast and Melbourne. She feels sure that future career endeavours will lead her where she is meant to be.
Project Name: Anarchy | Website:

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