David Long 
Dave is a graphic designer based in Melbourne, Australia. While he’s not out kitesurfing on the bay or having a hit of golf with his mates, Dave loves designing all kinds of visual communications. With experience across a range of design disciplines, Dave knows the value of personality and story telling in design.
Project Name: Fowler & Webb Small Batch Gin Packaging  |  Website: meetdave.design  |  Instagram: @meetdave.design
Anna Roberts 
A photographer and retoucher before Shillington, Anna’s photography style is best described as conceptual, vintage and ethereal. She enjoys telling stories through her photographs and was naturally attracted to the communication aspect of graphic design. Anna would love to work on a meaningful campaign that would make a difference to someone’s life. She enjoys typography and intends to transfer her skills to explore Hebrew design and how to animate type. Anna would best describe herself as a loose leaf tea and hummus addict who enjoys sketching vintage influencers or old Hollywood stars and sharing them on Instagram with her followers.
Project Name: Søstre Paint Packaging  |  Website: annarobertsdesign.co.uk  |  Instagram: @annarobertsdesign

Paul Welsh 
Paul is a Northern-based Graphic Designer from Liverpool, making the world more Scouse since 1989. Paul graduated University with a Law degree and worked in the legal industry for a number of years until he quit his job, in order to pursue his passion for design. He is also a part-time photographer, professional (amateur) footballer and gym enthusiast. He can normally be found designing beautiful creations, taking beautiful pictures, or walking his beautiful dog.
Project Name: Channel Orange Handmade Vinyl Cover  |  Website: paulwelshdesign.co.uk  |  Instagram: @paulwelshdesign
Ella Dawson 
Ella is a Manchester born and bred noughties baby, cereal connoisseur, wannabe Mary Berry, one shocking dancer and approximately 80% burrito. She is a graphic designer, who is low key obsessed with branding and digital design... and looking for a job.
Project Name: Original Streetwear App Brand Identity  |  Website: ellamdawson.com |  Instagram: @ellamdawson
Helena Ziegler
Meet Helena, a graphic designer based in Cologne, Germany. She believe that responsive designs are the key to growth and having an impact on the desired audience. If you would like to design together or have questions about her work, please get in touch!
Project Name: Soil Urban Garden Centre Brand Identity  |  Website: helenziegler.de  |  Instagram: @helenazieglerdesign
Nam Day
Nam Day is a creative based in Piccadilly, Manchester. After studying film production at University, she decided that she’s more enthusiastic at bringing her visions and ideas to life in graphic design. Nam has strong interests in UI design and branding and loves drawing inspiration from all the stories she reads in her spare time.
Project Name: Out Of The Woods Beer Packaging  |  Website: namday.co.uk
Amy Davies
Amy is a hustler at heart. Born and bred in Wales, she is a Attenborough enthusiast and dog lover. Amy is also a Vignelli fan and proud pixel pusher. She has a degree in Fashion & Textiles Design which paved the way into studying graphics as a way to apply her visual skills into the digital sphere. She loves branding design, illustration and typography and believes concept is the foundation of everything else.​​​​​​​
Project Name: The Meat Freaks Modern Butchers Brand Identity  |  Website: amydesign.co.uk  |  Instagram: @amydaviesdesign
Aurora Suriel Melchor
Aurora has found in design the perfect mix between science and art. Originally a front-end developer, she has worked as a UX Designer for two startups and, recently, as a freelancer, with clients such as Amnesty International and other social impact organisations. Fluent in agile methodologies for digital product design, Aurora’s greatest strength is running co-design workshops and working in cross-functional teams delivering functional and beautiful products.
Project Name: ShapeShift Gender Neutral Make Up Brand Identity  |  Website: auroramelchor.com  |  Instagram: @mostlynorthing
Tom Carling
Meet Tom. Tom is 24 and is from Middlesbrough. After spending 2018 & ’19 living in an RV, exploring the vast expanse of western Canada, he decided to knuckle down in 2020 and take design seriously. Tom loves; ski touring, reading (favourite book being Sapiens: A Brief History of Mankind), Michael Beirut and is partial to a good game (current go-to is the sensational Animal Crossing: New Horizons)! Tom also shuck oysters at an internationally competitive level and was invited to compete in the ’19/20 world tour qualifiers. No biggie.
Project Name: Star of Love Handmade Vinyl Cover  |  Website: mellowyellowtom.com  |  Instagram: @mellowyellowtom
Carla Andrews
London based graphic designer who is a creator and designer by passion and now by profession thanks to Shillington.
Having always been interested in design from a young age, Carla is forever inspired by the colourful and culturally diverse world we live in. She hopes to bring some of her learnings from her many travels through into her work.
She can be found drawing, sewing clothes or catching up with friends with a big glass of wine in hand.
Project Name: Circles Handmade Vinyl Cover  |  Website: designbycarla.co.uk  |  Instagram: @designby_carla
Moji Greenwell
A Manchester based family lawyer and graphic designer with a genuine interest in people, an affinity for brand identity naturally follows. You'll usually find me on the netball court or having a good giggle at my own jokes.
Project Name: Plant Powered |  Website: mogdesigns.co.uk |  Instagram: @mog_designs

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