Izzy Copley 
Izzy is a London based Junior Graphic Designer with a background in Architecture and Marketing. Both of these fields pushed her in the direction of graphic design and the knowledge built up through these experiences aid her design work daily. Izzy creates modern, clean work using colour and tone of voice to add charisma and personality. Her aim is always to be experimental and push boundaries, creating designs that feel fresh and current whilst always maintaining the key design principles.
Project Name: Digital Detots Campaign |  Website: izzycopley.co.uk  |  Instagram: @izzyd_esign
Georgia Latham
Meet Georgia. Like many at Shillington, her path to graphic design took some detours. At 17 she chose Maths over Art and went off to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford (shouting out to her thesis on feminism and porn). Subsequently, Georgia worked as a politics researcher and then had two rewarding years living in Japan teaching English. Throughout, she's been illustrating, journalling and life drawing. Georgia is drawn to design because it requires creative critical thinking. It’s about solving problems and constantly improving. And at the end of it all, there’s nothing like finally capturing that elusive idea.​​​​​​​
Project Name: The Literary Press Coffee Brand Identity  |  Website: georgialatham.co.uk  |  Instagram: @gal_designs_
Mim Chadwick 
Mim is a London-based Junior Designer. She studied Art and Design at Leeds University which gave her a strong understanding of design. It encouraged her to be expressive and experimental with her work and she uses that in her Graphic Design. 
Mim then studied at The Graphic Design School and Shillington Education where she built skills in all aspects of the creative design process–from taking briefs to brainstorming to the final artwork. She has a particular interest in colour, typography and photography where she tries to use these elements to make original, thought-provoking and eye-catching work.
Project Name: Psychodrama Handmade Tour Poster  |  Website: mimchadwick.co.uk |  Instagram: @mim_chadwick_design

Emerald Blenkin
Emerald is a junior graphic designer. After graduating with a degree in Design for Art Direction from London College of Communications, she trained as a chef on an organic farm in Ireland. She is particularly interested in food, design and architecture and has used her time at Shillington to visually combine these interests. Emerald loves to use a range of colours and patterns throughout her designs. By following the Shillington process she's learnt how to bring these elements to life and now has the skills to work on briefs and create clear and effective work.
Project Name: Anthus Packaging  |  Website: emeraldblenkindesign.co.uk |  Instagram: @emeraldblenkindesign
Luca Pellegrini 
Proudly Italian and in a certain sense, the black sheep of his family—Luca has always prided himself for his sympathy, stubbornness, honesty and for following passions—of which is graphic design and the smell of ink on printed paper. Cheerful and sometimes perhaps too spontaneous is what his friends would say about him.​​​​​​​
Project Name: L'Arche Event Space Branding  |  Website: lucalondondesign.co.uk
Paul Wells 
Paul has had a slightly unconventional introduction to the world of design. He completed a Masters Degree in Engineering at Trinity College Dublin but after two "long" years in the industry he decided it wasn’t the right fit. 
Graphic design appealed to Paul because its problem solving without a calculator. He could still apply all the things learnt throughout his academic career, but through a completely different medium. Paul's passion in graphic design is centred around the process of conceptualising an idea and putting it into practise. He particularly enjoy the processes involved in branding and identity.​​​​​​​
Project Name: Pond Handmade Vinyl Cover |  Website: paulwellsdesign.com |  Instagram: @paulwellsdesign
Menuka De Silva 
Menuka is a a junior graphic designer based in London.
He was daring enough this year to do a career change into this exciting field by joining Shillington Education. Menuka has loved his journey into design so far, it has given him clarity during these turbulent times. He particularly enjoys coming up with concepts for the various briefs he's worked on so far.
Project Name: Perspective Magazine Editorial |  Website: menukadesilva.co.uk
Marc Morrell
A digital designer and former pilot—a contradiction with wings, Marc says. 
He's a fan of beautiful typography, branding, and Japanese design.
Project Name: Shogun Soap Branding  |  Website: marcmorrell.co.uk  | Instagram: @____the.sun.also.rises​​​​​​​
Anna Jayne Withey
Anna is a farmer's girl living in London. She loves creating unique concepts rooted in a story, environment or culture but she's also passionate about integrating ANNAmusing puns. Anna spends her free time watching musicals, Instagramming her mower or hanging around outside Thorntons for the free tasters. She's always loved the community spirit that comes with design and being inspired by fellow creators, she's most excited to see what the future brings for her class.
Project Name: Jewel Event Space Brand Identity  |  Website: annajaynedesign.co.uk  | Instagram: @annajaynephotography
Helen Tong
Helen is a graphic designer based in London. Driven by a love of bold typography and graphics, she likes to bring these into her designs for a sense of playfulness and fun. 
In Helen's spare time, you might find her out and about on long walks, on a cycle, or eating crisps. Helen love crisps.
Project Name: L'Olio de Bepi Packaging  |  Website: helentong.com
Rebecca Culleton
Rebecca is a designer currently based in South West London who pines to live by the sea far too often than she’d like to admit! She drinks an inordinate amount of tea, (black, no sugar), loves being outside in any shape or form; mainly hiking and climbing and can normally be found with a book at any given time. Rebecca loves learning about new cultures and processes as well as delving more into the sustainability of design and finds how this will evolve in the future really exciting.
Project Name: Vonin Event Space Brand Identity  |  Website: rebeccadoesdesign.co.uk  |  Instagram: @rebecca_doesdesign
Emily Chaffer
Emily is a graphic designer and illustrator based in London. Before graduating from Shillington Education she was a freelance illustrator and screen-printing technician – now looking to move more into a studio or in-house role. Emily hopes to make design that communicates, makes things more beautiful and, if she can, be a part of change. When she's not designing you can find her throwing wonky pots, at the print studio or down at the pub.
Project Name: The Summit Event Space Brand Identity  |  Website: emilychafferdesigns.co.uk  |  Instagram: @emily_chaffer
Stefania Ruggeri
Meet Stef! She's always been passionate about anything creative or artistic and started drawing probably before she could even speak. She always tries to find creative ways to solve any issue she encounters in life, and does her best to look at things in a positive and fun way.
 Stef worked in Luxury Fashion Retail for over 10 years, and is also a Yoga Teacher. She missed being more creative in daily life and hence why she decided to leave her career in Fashion and begin a new one in Graphic Design!
Project Name: Nonna Vanda Toothpaste Packaging  |  Website: stefaniaruggeridesign.com |  Instagram: @stefaniaruggeridesign
Marc Dalla-Riva
He is the one with the C.​​​​​​​
Project Name: The Big Good Wolf Campaign  |  Website: marcwithac.design  |  Instagram: @marcwithacdesign
Ksenia Nikolaeva
Ksenia has always felt that she needed more creativity in her life, and was gradually moving from extremely pragmatic directions in which logic is key to the areas where creative thinking is vital. So she first did an undergraduate course in economics, then a master's degree in marketing and advertising short course in UAL, and finally applied to Shillington Education—which gave her an opportunity to do what really inspires her. Now Ksenia is looking forward to pursue a career in advertising and enhance her creativity further.
Project Name: #FitNotFatCat Campaign  |  Website: nikodesign.ru 
Tink Munro
Tink's name very much speaks her character. She describes herself as small, punchy and that she really really like trees. She previously studied a Fine Art degree where she nurtured her passion for trees through animation and immersive installation. Eager to up-skill and learn more, Tink took on the challenge of Graphic Design. Her creative background influences experimentation within her design work, she's not afraid to go wrong to learn how to make it right. 
Outside the studio, you can find Tink tree planting, quoting School Of Rock, or scribbling ideas down in her journal.​​​​​​​
Project Name: La Reiene Packaging |  Website: tinkmunro.co.uk  |  Instagram: @tinkmunro.art
Ben Heliczer
Ben is a Graphic Designer based in London. 
He is a drummer, adventurer and lover of the outdoors. 
On the Shillington course, Ben developed a passion for design and the process. He believes an innovative solution can always be found through efficient problem solving, exploration and research.
Project Name: Channel Orange Handmade Vinyl Cover  |  Website: benjamindesigns.co.uk  |  Instagram: @benjaminericdesigns
Mimi Lambley
Mimi is a budding graphic designer with a curious and bubbly character as well as a strong passion for anything creative. She love the little things in life; wine, doodles, sunshine, nudes and tattoos. When it comes to her work, she has varying interests, from packaging and branding to digital and print, the overriding factor being is to create with meaning. Mimi sees design as a method for improving connections between people and the products they use. She lets her inner child take over, where the imagination is limitless, creating unique design that evokes something of its audience.​​​​​​​
Project Name: Moxie Event Space Brand Identity  |  Website: mimilambley.com  |  Instagram: @meems.design
Melanie Spencer
Melanie is an administrative professional turned graphic designer. She is originally from Stratford - Upon Avon but has also studied and worked in Bermuda, USA and Canada. She has been in London for about 7 years and having worked in Finance, decided to make a change. The work was really lacking direction and above all creativity. It was then that she learnt about Shillington's 3 month graphic design course. It was the best decision Melanie could've made as she now feels driven and passionate about design. She has learnt so much in 3 months and just wants to keep learning and designing. What excites her the most about the industry is the variety of work. So whether Melanie works in packaging, brand development or digital, she's really excited about the future and who else she meets with the same passion.​​​​​​​
Project Name: Kala Event Space Brand Identity  |  Website: melaniespencerdesign.co.uk

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