April Donnelly
April is a Manchester-based creative with a background in client account management. Having studied a degree in communication design, April chose not to go directly into the industry, but instead gain more experience in business. This slight detour took her all the way to Australia for three years, working and travelling the country, before finding Shillington and completing the full circle back to design. She loves all things UX, studying how users interact with products or services, then using expertise to craft the best possible design solution. April also appreciates the subtle nuances in design, particularly branding and typography. 
Project Name: Spring |  Website: aprildonnelly.com  |  Instagram: @april_donnelly
Becca Durbin
Becca is currently living in Eugene, Oregon after relocating from Yokohama, Japan. She has a passion for art and knew she wanted to take the next step in her design journey, so right after graduating from high school she attended Shillington College in Brisbane, Australia. Prior to college, Becca co-founded a youth basketball program and worked with athletes, while handling the promotional design work and branding. She hopes to continue her involvement in the community, using her design skills to help others professionally and personally.
Project Name: Bearista Coffee |  Website: beccadurbin.com |  Instagram: @beccadurbindesign
Claudia Marques
Claudia is a graphic designer graduate and gif enthusiast originally from Portugal, currently living (and loving) her Scandi life in Oslo, Norway.
After years working in nutrition and marketing she is now fulfilling two life-long dreams: pursuing a creative career and writing about herself in the 3rd person.
She loves branding, typography, illustration and donuts.
Project Name: Super Heroes! |  Website: claudiadesigns.myportfolio.com |  Instagram: @claudiagdesign
Danielle Aarabi
Danielle is originally from England and is currently located in Newcastle, Australia. She loves the creativity and vibe of the town.
Her background in HR, training and mentoring, fuels her passion to work with others to realise their potential. Danielle has an inquisitive nature and desire to learn, understand and communicate. She loves to dig deep to understand the inspiration, vision and philosophy of business ventures and others’ passion projects. 
Danielle loves to learn, explore and adventure. She is a certified yoga teacher and has studied copywriting, social media marketing, print and more. Training at Shillington has been a long-time dream for Danielle and what a journey it has been!
Project Name: Black Swan |  Website: danielleaarabidesign.com |  Instagram: @danielleaarabi
Henry Harry Jackson
Henry "Harry" Jackson was born and raised in Brisbane, Australia. He was a blob before shifting to study graphic design at Shillington College. Often found writing music in his study or drawing, a creative of all sorts.
Will gladly take the pickles from your cheeseburger. He lives in Brisbane City and is tall for no reason.
Project Name: Hook and Fork Modern Butchers |  Website: hpsjackson.com
Jack Roylance
Jack Roylance is a Brisbane-based Junior Graphic Designer. He has experience working in the Visual Arts and Corporate Law. 
Jack’s practice as a designer is informed by a lifelong interest in drawing. When he is not working, he is drawing.

Project Name: Dracula Book Cover |  Website: jackroylance.com |  Instagram: @jackroylancedesign
Kiraley Hinitt
Kiraley is a quirky, solar powered creative in love with paper, nature and an adventurous tale. With a background in the printing industry, she loves magically bringing peoples visions that live inside their heads to life. If you were to ask her what flavour of ice cream she would be, Kiraley would probably respond Merlot because she has misheard the question and coloured in the gaps with her own wonderful story.
Project Name: Does a bear shit in the woods? |  Website: kiraley.com |  Instagram: @hellokiraley
Lara Neck
Hi, I’m Lara and I am Rad. 
Project Name: Vie |  Website: laraneck.com |  Instagram: @larachloe.design
Lucas Dawson
After over a decade working in the printing industry, Lucas found his calling in the design world. A passionate musician and self-confessed “indie music nerd”, he enjoys working with creative minds to achieve calculated results. A warm bubbly personality in the studio, Lucas is known for his infectious laugh and standing ovations… #always. After studying at Shillington, Lucas is able to interpret briefs, brainstorm and execute with the clients’ expectations at the forefront of every design. Lucas aims to continue Graphic design, helping people express how they feel and continue learning from people who feel the same way.
Project Name: Smile |  Website: lucasdawsondesign.com |  Instagram: @lucasdawson
Mika Merritt
After graduating with a double degree in advertising and fashion from Queensland University of Technology, Mika invested further into her creative pursuits with graphic design. She now works as a multidisciplinary creative, specialising in branding and editorial design. With a refined approach and style, she is heavily inspired by her Japanese heritage and love for minimalism. To Mika, design is a powerful visual language that allows her to communicate and create meaningful connections with the world around her. 
Project Name: Agender |  Website: mikamerritt.design |  Instagram: @mikamerritt.design
Sophie Bo Schmidt
Sophie Bo Schmidt is a UX Researcher & Designer from Denmark, now living the sweet Brisbane life. 
She started off as a sociologist with a mission to understand people and technology, began to influence product design as a UX researcher and finally learned the craftmanship of executing it all through UI and graphic design.
Sophie has worked in tech companies, government and as a UX consultant in Denmark and Australia, collaborating with users, product managers, developers and other smart people. 
She is fuelled by insights about people, love ideation and conceptualisation and always seek the wicked problem to solve in her designs. 
Project Name: Copenhagen City Identity |  Website: sophiebo.dk |  Instagram: @sophiebodk
Stephen Till
Steve has worked in the government for 20 years and recently decided to follow his childhood dreams and study graphic design with Shillington.

Through this process, Steve has discovered a love for taking the time to understand the client and the demographic to deliver a design that would appeal and be useful to them.
He has great insight into human behaviour through research and experience, working in highly confidential areas. This has been very useful in managing staff and being involved with various projects.
Steve has a big love for sport, smart products and businesses that care about the customer. His other passions include gardening and music and he has completed several workshops in photography.
Project Name: Trellis Gardens |  Website: stephentill.com  |  Instagram: @stephentill.design
Tom Spencer
Tom is a Brisbane-based design nerd who grew up through the 80s and 90s on a steady diet of Saturday morning cartoons, Japanese video games and movies about space, time travel and/or robots. As such, he is obsessed with all things design and is dedicated to furthering his knowledge and experience.
Tom is certain the 2020’s are going to be such an amazing time for design and he wants to be a part of that world. 
Project Name: Immigrant Song |  Website: thomasspencer.design |  Instagram: @thomasspencerdesign
Uma Madan
Often described as equally jovial, carefree and earnest, Uma jump-started what she thought was her dream career in New York City, spending 5 years doing cool shit like reporting at NYFW, working for the Eagles’ (the 70’s band, not the Philadelphia football team), paying too much rent, and never getting enough sleep. While working in adjacent industries, she discovered her growing passion for graphic and interaction design - disciplines which combine creativity, critical thinking and strategic (visual) communication. She’s since worked to pursue her new dream of spending her days in jeans, living in an appropriately priced rental and designing cool shit. 
Project Name: codered |  Website: umamadan.com  |  Instagram: @_umamadan

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